The White Lotus Inn is a bathouse hotel venue that was formerly the sprawling estate of a Doman Warlord on the Shirogane waterfront. Freshly renovated from Hingan antiquity by the wealthy Tasaji family of Ul'dah, the building has quite a colorful history within its floors both known and yet to be discovered. While guests and staff experience visits from departed souls on the daily, the White Lotus has a reputation for generous hospitality and amazing food. With such a high maintenance and historically rich building, there's no shortage of surprises, leading the Inn and its caretakers on some wild adventures.

► Location: Plot 31, 14 Ward, Western Shirogane Subdivision, Zalera ◄
► Event Hours (Monthly): 8pm - 11pm EST ◄
► Operated by: Free Range Chocobos <<FRC>> ◄
In-Character Suites & floors of the hotel are labeled with a ● before the room name.


■ RPers new and veteran are always welcome to join in on events.
■ The White Lotus Inn operates on a 'no door fee' policy unless otherwise specified.
■ All refreshments are handled with RP transactions (no actual gil).
■ Events are designed with the intention of being suitable for young adults (PG-13). We appreciate folks that keep this in mind when joining us for the evening.
■ If you're unsure about something, don't be afraid to send a staff member a /tell.


The lobby features a small sitting area and fountain where guests are welcome to lounge. We invite folks to inquire about the White Lotus's featured suites for an enchanted overnight stay. During venue-wide events, we encourage players who wish a break from heavy chat scroll to retreat to any of our IC rooms for a quieter roleplay setting.

Lotus Petal Restaurant

Come dine with us in the Inn's premiere eatery space featuring dishes from Othard and Aldenard alike. With flexible seating options, you'll be sure to enjoy a lovely meal with good company. See our menu for what we offer.

Velvet Coeurl Ballroom

Home to the Inn's Open Mic Nite & Disco, the ballroom is where our biggest musical and performance events take place. With a quiet hideaway cocktail bar and flexible seating, the ballroom can accommodate an ample audience for performances of all varieties.

The Brass Lantern Theatre

Swing open the doors of our sixth floor for the White Lotus's very own motion picture theater. With a balcony and spacious seating, there's simply no better place in Shirogane to experience breath-taking cinema in a classical setting.

Tea Room & Lounge

The White Lotus's Tea Room and lounge upstairs is the perfect spot to socialize quietly in an atmosphere cultivated by the Inn's garden expert.

The Doctor's Office

Thge White Lotus is privileged to have an in-house physician operate in the building. Whether you've come for a delicate overnight stay, or you're looking for trusted medicinal help, we have the space to accommodate you.


Felore Soleil ● Hotel Manger
Silene Charbonnaeu ● Finance
Adrian Suzuka ● Head Chef / Physician
Ghrian Gealai ● Security
Kestrel Crowley ● Security
Vander Thuun ● Spectralogian
Avenai Wyverne ● Mechanic
Melodias Melo ● Deliveries
Mimimu Mimi ● Groundskeeper / Tea Lounge
Jaded Gil Wentworth ● Banker


Open Mic Nite

Do you have a wild anecdote to tell? Perhaps a joke? Mayhap a song! Or even a dance! The White Lotus opens its doors for a casual cocktail hour in the Velvet Coeurl Ballroom Upstairs.

Candlelight Night

Join us for a very witchy, spirit-filled night in Shirogane's most haunted bathouse hotel. Guests can sign up for a special tarot reading, buy enchanted sweets, get a ghost tour & relax in our open bar. Event Information Flyer

Shirogane Nights Disco

Join us in the grand Velvet Coeurl Ballroom for an enchanting night of swinging beats and fantastic lights! We're bringing it back retro with music from the last umbral era that is sure to inspire nostalgia!

Cinema Shows

Join for a night at the movies in the White Lotus's very own Brass Lantern Theatre on the sixth floor. We show various movies throughout the year, and notably our Rocky Horror Picture Show in October.

Shirogane Cruise & Beach Bash

The owners of The White Lotus Inn and The Runner Airship would like to invite all guests to a celebratory end of summer event in Shirogane full of fun and fireworks. Take an airship cruise from Limsa Lominsa to Shirogane with the bright and wonderful crew of The Runner, a luxury ship and trade company. Lounge about it’s cabins, join the crew in the taverns, and enjoy a night of pure fun and good drinks and conversation.

Once you land in Shirogane make your way to the White Lotus Inn, a renovated warlord’s castle on the expansive beaches of the Ruby Sea. Spend your day in the bath houses, stay the evening in the rooms, and enjoy an evening on the beaches watching the fireworks and celebrating the end of a hot summer.

All Saints Wake Candle-Lit Tour

With an old Hingan building comes a wealth of history. Join us in perusing the darker parts of the building for a chilling tour of our known paranormal visitors.

Gold Saucer Convention

A weekend of Eorzea's finest costumes, artisans, performers & trade panels, Gold Saucer Con comes to the White Lotus this winter.


The White Lotus Inn was purchased three years ago by the Tasaji family of the Sapphire Avenue to expand their business in the far east. The old Hingan building was in absolute ruin but the Tasaji's eldest son insisted it was perfect for the purpose, despite lingering rumor that it was haunted. The rumor turned out to be very true, but this did little to dissuade anyone from continuing a respectful renovation. Once a the mansion of a powerful Doman Warlord of antiquity, a colorful history continues to emerge as the staff explore more nooks and crannies throughout the building. While guests have made themselves at home in the White Lotus's many suites, resident spirits make their presence known in both subtle and obvious ways.


The Harp Ghost (unnamed)
Floor: Velvet Coeurl Ballroom
First Incident: Throwing liquor bottles off the cocktail bar shelves after the old harp was moved out of the room for repair. The harp has been a part of the ballroom since before revonations. It is believed that the Velvet Coeurl ballroom had once also been a space for entertainment for the Doman Warlord. One of his retainers now vigilantly oversees the floor.
Recorded By: Felore Soleil

Chihiro, the Iron Sentinel
Floor: Tenkonto
First incident: Sword floating through the hall, then turning as though drawn from a scabbard when encountering a gaggle of guests. The sword belongs to one of the Doman Warlord's samurai, a Hellsguard named Chihiro. He has been seen patrolling the ninth, tenth, and eleventh floors, but he seems to spend most of his time on the tenth. The staff's current hypothesis is that he is acting as a warden for the spirits that occupy the space.
Recorded By: Vander Thuun

Lady Ayame, Sage of the Twisted Smile
Floor: Tenkonto
First incident: Vivid nightmares reported by guests on multiple floors, all featuring a stately Doman woman in antique finery watching them with a chilling, knowing smile. Lady Ayame remains in her room on the tenth floor, and guests are advised to stay away from the end of the hall where she resides. It is supposed that she once held a position of great respect in the Doman Warlord's court. The staff has made learning more about Lady Ayame a top priority.
Recorded By: Vander Thuun

The Voice of the Dragon (Name Unknown)
Floor: Basement
First Incident: Returning from weapons testing, the Spectralogian and the engineer he was escorting became separated, and the engineer heard a beautiful melody. Following it, he struck a light and came face to face with the Voice of the Dragon, an amalgamation of Hyur, claw, and flute that produced music by singing and closing fingers over the holes in her elongated neck. While her identity is yet unknown, it is confirmed that she is but one of an ensemble that roam the basement level. It is highly recommended that this level be closed to guests until further investigation is completed.
Recorded by: Vander Thuun

The Twisted Samurai (Name Unknown)
Floor: Multiple; Basement
First Incident: During repairs to the boilers, a mechanical engineer was attacked and injured by this spirit. Subsequent forays into different levels of the Inn proved this spirit is not bound to a single location, and instead seems to attack percieved threats to the people of the Inn. Recently it attacked the resident Spectralogian in an attempt against the mechanical engineer.
Recorded By: Avenai Wyverne

The Kitchen Poltergeist
Floor: Lotus Petal Restaurant
First Incident: A formless ghost terrorizing the staff of the kitchens during its renovations. Misplaced items, thrown items, broken objects, and spoiled food often being the most notable exchange. It seemed to take a liking to torturing the head chef the most, pulling his tail and ears aggressively and causing slip ups with knives. During a meeting with the White Lotus’ Spectrologian the creature manifested as an elderly aura chef. It demanded that they leave the kitchens. When they did not leave it became corrupted, bent on anger and disgusted with the new residents, it turned into a voidsent and attacked the chef. It was quickly discharged by the Spectrologian and has not manifested again.
Recorded By: Adrian Suzuka

(MORE to come as our intrepid adventurers discover further hauntings.)