Shirogane's Most Haunted Hotel & Bathouse

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Jujuma Juma ● Boiler Technician
Xiaohu Cao ● Bartender
Bloody Shrike ● Acupuncturist / Spa Technician
Ghrian Gealai & Rhys Pent ● Security
Esen Dazkar ● Food Deliveries


The North Wing has the most restoration progress and houses many of the Inn's common areas, such as the lobby, lounges, restaurant, conference room and ballroom. These spaces are often where our large social events are held. See our menu featuring dishes from Othard and Aldenard alike.

The White Lotus is privileged to have an in-house physician operate in the building. Whether you've come for a delicate overnight stay, or you're looking for trusted medicinal help, we have the space to accommodate you.

Swing open the doors of our sixth floor for the White Lotus's very own motion picture theater. With a balcony and spacious seating, there's simply no better place in Shirogane to experience breath-taking cinema in a classical setting.

Come relax and unwind after a long day, or pamper yourself during your stay in Shirogane with one of our many baths. Our Spa & Treatment Center is complete with private baths and award-winning massage therapy. You'll feel like royalty! Our Verdant baths are the greenest in the building. Lush with carefully manicured plants, this bath is the ultimate floral retreat.

This peaceful space was uncovered after a recent renovation of the South Wing and is sure to be a delightful spot for an evening respite.


Named for the twin historical masks crafted by the infamous artist, Soga Tadahira, found during the restoration of this floor, The Hanya Double Suite boasts two cozy rooms with full beds and baths with plenty of Hingan charm.

Furnished in the spirit of our neighbors of the Steppe, the Azim suite is our coziest room bringing our patrons a simple, homey atmosphere to their nights' stay.

Our finest penthouse suite and favorite of the proprietor located in the east wing of the building, the Grand Ul is our most lavish of rooms. Fashioned with a tasteful blend of Ul'dahn finery and Hingan accents, you'll spend a night with us living like royalty.

Have you tried our wonderfully comfortable water bed? Rest easy with the ambience of the tides in our suite themed after the Ruby Sea.


The White Lotus proudly hosts four Crystal DC community-wide events per year. Click on the event flyers below for each event's schedule and info.
Our next event is a Disco Collab with Club Crescent June 24, 2023!


■ We are a 18+ venue & discord space. Our events are designed with the intention of being suitable for adult audiences IC & OOC. Violation of this rule will result in you and your character(s) being blacklisted and banned from future events with no exceptions.
■ Be excellent to each other. We expect folk who interact with our community to have the emotional maturity to make good choices and have fun playing digital Barbie with us.
■ Harassment and/or Abusive behavior towards any staff or members will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from our discord and events.
■ We are an inclusive and diverse space. Intolerance will not be tolerated. Ethnicity, religion, nationality, identity and sexuality will not be discussed in a derogatory or hateful way in any channel.
■ Heavy topics that are widely triggering (such as self harm, suicide, etc) should be avoided in all channels. This extends to roleplay within our spaces.
■ Shaming, insulting, or trash-talking other players, FCs, or otherwise in our channels is not cool. Don't.
■ No NSFW content in any channels. If its risky, spoiler and tag appropriately. If you're unsure, ping management.
■ Do not blend OOC and IC. You are not your character. There will be 0 tolerance for those who do not respect the line between OOC and IC and will result in an immediate ban.
■ Our ghosts are NPC written by staff unless you've been given permission to write one. You may use our sandbox to have your character experience strange paranormal happenings in the environment or strange changes an aetherically sensitive character may pick up on.
■ The following paranormal experiences need to be explicitly consensual by all parties involved and with staff permission:
- Body/mind Possession
- Any form of touch (a tap on the shoulder to a smack)
- Significant damage to the environment
■ While the White Lotus is an adult space, we are a public space. ERP is not permitted on our grounds.
■ We expect players to understand IC consequences for IC actions (if you start a bar fight, you may get thrown out etc.) Don't be spicy if you can't handle the heat.
■ Griefing, the intentional disruption of our events or another's roleplay, is strictly prohibited.
■ If you intend a reasonable IC disruption of an event, please speak to management ahead of time OOC first or else it will be considered griefing. Sometimes we don't have the spoons after a rough day to deal with extra spice.
■ Lore policing is not welcome in our spaces. Politely disengage if you don’t like the portrayal of a character or concept.
■ Godmodding / metagaming is not considerate of other players and is not allowed.
■ RPers are people first. Be courteous, patient, and flexible during large events. Chat scroll will go by fast and it is overwhelming for some.


The White Lotus Inn is home to several specialized events throughout the year, hosted by a group of friends who have been in this community for more than half a decade. Each of our big events are themed with a historic/retro fanon hook and vary between socials, performance exhibitions, and fun competitions. You can keep any eye out for our casual pop-ups and our more planned-in-advance seasonal events by following us on twitter or joining our super lightweight discord server.


Shirohan Castle, now modernly known as The White Lotus Inn, is a masterful renovation of antiquity, once the sprawling estate of a Sixth Astral Era Warlord on the Hingan waterfront. While guests & staff experience visits from resident souls daily, the Inn has an outstanding reputation for fine lodging, luxurious baths, & amazing food. Whether guests are enchanted or terrified by the day-to-day paranormal, a memorable stay is always a guarantee.The building was purchased seven turns ago by the Tasaji family of Ul'dah to expand their business in the Far East. It was in absolute ruin when the Tasaji's eldest son, Felore, adopted the restoration project out of passion. Rumors of the site's spirited nature were very true, but this did little to dissuade our hopeful proprietor.The mission of the White Lotus Staff is to preserve history, honor the departed, aid spirits in finding peace, and educate the living of Shirogane's rich history. Rife with spiritual activity, it has become a location of interest for the aetherically sensitive. The mystery of the Hingan Warlord, among other lingering souls, is an unfolding curiosity as renovations continue through the building's oldest hallways.


The Harp Kami
Floor: Velvet Coeurl Ballroom
Incident: Throwing liquor bottles off the cocktail bar shelves after the old harp was moved out of the room for repair. The harp has been a part of the ballroom since before revonations. It is believed that the Velvet Coeurl ballroom had once also been a space for entertainment for the Doman Warlord. One of his retainers now vigilantly oversees the floor.
Recorded By: Felore Soleil
Chihiro, the Iron Sentinel
Floor: Tenkonto
Incident: Sword floating through the hall, then turning as though drawn from a scabbard when encountering a gaggle of guests. The sword belongs to one of the Doman Warlord's samurai, a Hellsguard named Chihiro. He has been seen patrolling the ninth, tenth, and eleventh floors, but he seems to spend most of his time on the tenth. The staff's current hypothesis is that he is acting as a warden for the spirits that occupy the space.
Recorded By: Vander Thuun
Lady Ayame, Sage of the Twisted Smile
Floor: Tenkonto
Incident: Vivid nightmares reported by guests on multiple floors, all featuring a stately Doman woman in antique finery watching them with a chilling, knowing smile. Lady Ayame remains in her room on the tenth floor, and guests are advised to stay away from the end of the hall where she resides. It is supposed that she once held a position of great respect in the Doman Warlord's court. The staff has made learning more about Lady Ayame a top priority.
Recorded By: Vander Thuun
The Voice of the Dragon (Name Unknown)
Floor: Basement
Incident: Returning from weapons testing, the Spectralogian and the engineer he was escorting became separated, and the engineer heard a beautiful melody. Following it, he struck a light and came face to face with the Voice of the Dragon, an amalgamation of Hyur, claw, and flute that produced music by singing and closing fingers over the holes in her elongated neck. While her identity is yet unknown, it is confirmed that she is but one of an ensemble that roam the basement level. It is highly recommended that this level be closed to guests until further investigation is completed.
Recorded by: Vander Thuun
The Twisted Samurai (Name Unknown)
Floor: Multiple; Basement
Incident: During repairs to the boilers, a mechanical engineer was attacked and injured by this spirit. Subsequent forays into different levels of the Inn proved this spirit is not bound to a single location, and instead seems to attack percieved threats to the people of the Inn. Recently it attacked the resident Spectralogian in an attempt against the mechanical engineer.
Recorded By: Avenai Wyverne
The Kitchen Poltergeist
Floor: Lotus Petal Restaurant
Incident: A formless ghost terrorizing the staff of the kitchens during its renovations. Misplaced items, thrown items, broken objects, and spoiled food often being the most notable exchange. It seemed to take a liking to torturing the head chef the most, pulling his tail and ears aggressively and causing slip ups with knives. During a meeting with the White Lotus’ Spectrologian the creature manifested as an elderly aura chef. It demanded that they leave the kitchens. When they did not leave it became corrupted, bent on anger and disgusted with the new residents, it turned into a voidsent and attacked the chef. It was quickly discharged by the Spectrologian and has not manifested again.
Recorded By: Adrian Suzuka
Concubine Chunhua
Floor: 12, guest quarters
Incident: On Floor 12 of the White Lotus Inn there is a haunting by a female spirit, a concubine of the Warlord who once owned the White Lotus property. She was wronged in life by the Warlord when he refused to protect her from the other concubines, who eventually poisoned her. Floor 12 was once the floor that she stayed on with several other concubines, her room being the back left room on the floor. Several of the artifacts were once hers and they were cruelly divided up by the other concubines when she died. A team of ghost hunters has since gone to the floor and calmed the angry spirit after a violent altercation with Adrian Suzuka. A shrine has been erected in the back left room of the floor to Chunhua, the spirit who now peacefully haunts that floor. She is known to be rather playful and gentle, often wishing for women to stay with her and never showing herself to men.
Recorded By: Felore Soleil, Adrian Suzuka, Vander Thuun, Leina Storme, Silene Charbonneau, Jaran, Kestrel Crowley, Xiaohu Cao
Floor: Tenkonto, first room on the right
Incident: First known manifestation was a trail of large paw prints tracked over the floors, walls, and ceiling of the room. The prints would stop at a bricked-up section of the wall, and whines could be heard. Attempts to enter the room were met with suspicious growls and angry barks. The initial determination was that Taichi (a name given by the Spectralogian in the absence of any other) was harmless unless guests intruded upon his space. However, subsequent tours of the floor aggravated the spirit and prompted attempts to escape the room and attack the guests. Tours of Tenkonto have been suspended, the chamber has been strongly warded to prevent further escape attempts, and measures to calm the beast are being discussed and explored by staff and consultants.
Recorded By: Vander Thuun
The Twins, Kazu and Mitsu
Floor: Hanya Suites
Incident: Shortly after the chambers were renovated, guests reported rattling door frames and hearing themselves pleading from beyond to be let in. Other minor yet discomfiting incidents reported by guests led to an inquiry, and after an investigation by the staff, Kazu and Mitsu revealed themselves as the source of the pranks. The Twins have agreed to respect the boundary between guest and resident in exchange for their Suites being added to the new White Lotus Tour, as well as a modicum of leniency for any infractions committed during such tours. Staff are encouraged to keep an eye on the tricksters whenever possible.
Recorded By: Vander Thuun
Subodai the Intrepid
Floor: Azim Suite
Incident: Music from a morin khuur was heard coming from the chamber during an extended period of vacancy, played by the shade of a large, cheerful Xaela. He appears to be under the impression that he is still alive in his time, and his interactions with staff and guests are conducted under the belief that they are either members of his "team" or liaisons sent by his employers. It is the opinion of the Spectralogian that Subodai is harmless - hence the Suite's inclusion in the new tour - though he advises against challenging the shade's understanding of his circumstance. When Subodai was met with a modern stimulus he could not reconcile with his own experience, lights in the chamber flickered and guttered, suggesting a potential ability to affect the physical realm.
Recorded By: Vander Thuun
Head Archivist of the Ecclesia Nova, Bibirado Dodorado
Floor: Subterranean Levels
Incident: An effort to track a currently unlisted spirit led to a previously undiscovered passage. Following it, a chasm was discovered, as was a complex formerly used as a library and archive. Bibirado, a Lalafell hailing from distant Sharlayan, met the Spectralogian in the gatehouse and proved eminently friendly. Further introductions to guests and other members of staff went smoothly. While caution is advised as it is in all new areas of the Lotus, it is the opinion of the Spectralogian that Bibi can be counted upon for aid, advice, and pleasant company.
Recorded By: Vander Thuun